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The Indian Railways never ceases to surprise us. They are the very lifeline of our country, bringing the vast Indian subcontinent together. But for a national lifeline, the railways have had quite a sketchy record. Delayed trains and a general lack of response anywhere have been two big troubles with the railways, no matter where you go. But a recent incident suggests that the Indian Railways have resolved at least the second problem. ALSO READ: India may have solar-powered railways by 2020
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The incident here relates to the Pune-Santragachi AC SF special train from Pune to Santragachi, Howrah that began its journey on Monday, 8 May. But the train that was supposed to start its run from Pune at 10:30 in the morning ended up nearly four hours late. Over the course of the train’s trip, the delay grew to nearly ten hours. The train that was expected to cross Maharashtra over the course of the night was still short of Nagpur when passengers woke up in the morning! With no drinking water or no food services and filth everywhere, the situation was frustrating for several passengers on board. Eventually, the concerned brother of a passenger in the train tweeted out to the Railway ministry, tagging the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu for good measure. Also Read - Only Patients, Students and People With Disabilities to Get Railway Concessions for Bookings as of Now

Surprisingly, the railway account was quick to respond, replying to the young man in less than half an hour. The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of the Raipur station, scheduled to be the second-to-next stop for the train, was promptly informed of the matter. In response, the DRM notified the brother that the train would be watered and cleaned at the station. Meanwhile, the passenger in the train was tracked and notified of the complaint made. The promptness of the railways is a pleasant surprise, especially for those who are used to less enthusiastic services.

The train was eventually cleaned in Bilaspur, the station after Raipur. Vendors with food and drinks came to cater to the hungry and thirsty passengers from Durg, the stop just before Raipur. While the results were far from optimal, it is still heartening to see that the railways is taking customer service and feedback seriously, and is putting social media to good use. The response is especially commendable, given that the concerned brother was a new Twitter user and just your average social media user, rather than an influencer with a large following. And the end, the train never did make up for lost time. It was mean to end its journey at a little past 6 pm, but ended up rolling into Santragachi Junction railway station at around 5:30 am the next day. Here’s hoping that the Railways is working on this as well. ALSO READ: Indian railway launches ‘complaint app’ for train travelers

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