The city of Antalya is one of Turkey’s largest and oldest cities, built along the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded in 150 BC as Attalia, after its founding king, Attalos II of Pergamon. Over the centuries, this port city became a hub for travelers and seafarers and traders. Travelers like Ibn Battuta and Paul the Apostle found their way to the city, which soon became melting pot of cultures; Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in this coastal city, surrounded by beautiful beaches and majestic mountains. Today, the scenic vistas are the same, the rich multicultural heritage of Antalya is visible in its ancient ruins and monuments. ALSO READ: Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations in 2018 Revealed in New Study Also Read - Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Centre Prohibits Entry of Passengers From Europe, Turkey From March 18 to 31

View of Hadrian’s Gate in the old city part of Antalya, with the Duden waterfall

View of Hadrian's Gate in old city of Antalya with duden waterfall - Turkey Also Read - Don't Interfere: India Reacts Strongly As Turkey Compares Kashmir's Plight to Turkey's Situation in World War 1

Aerial view of Lower Duden waterfall, with water cascading 40 meters into the Mediterranean sea

Aerial view of Lower Duden waterfall in Antalya, Turkey. Water cascading 40 meters from platform into Mediterranean sea Also Read - Turkish President Erdogan to Address Joint Pakistan Parliament Session on Feb 14

Kizil Kule (Red Tower) in Alanya, Antalya

Kizil Kule (Red Tower) in Alanya, Antalya, Turkey

Another view of Antalya’s landscape, with the marina and Red tower visible

Landscape with marina and Red tower in Alanya peninsula, Antalya district, Turkey

The picturesque Old town (Kaleici) in Antalya

Old town (Kaleici) in Antalya, Turkey

People walking near the Clock Tower, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque and Yivli Minare Mosque or Alaaddin Mosque in Kaleici

People walking near Clock Tower, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque and Yivli Minare Mosque or Alaaddin Mosque located in Kaleici district old town center of Antalya, Turkey

Seaview sunset at the golden hour, with the ancient Apollon Temple

Seaview sunset Golden hour Ancient Apollon Temple Located in Side Antalya Turkey

The streets of old town Kaleici in Antalya

Streets of old town Kaleici - Antalya, Turkey

The monument of Attalos II, Philadelphos king of Pergamon and founder of Antalya in Kaleici district

Aerial view of monument of Attalos II Philadelphos King of Pergamon and founder of Antalya at square in old city Kaleici district of Antalya, Turkey

Beach of Cleopatra with the sea and rocks of the Alanya peninsula

Beach of Cleopatra with sea and rocks of Alanya peninsula, Antalya, Turkey

While Antalya today is a major tourist hotspot, you’ll find many parts relatively unexplored. Most might be tempted by the luxurious beach resorts that promise a taste of the Turquoise Coast for a few days, but there is much more to see in the old town (Kaleiçi) and its streets. The city lies along the Antalya Gulf and boasts of a modern cityscape that blends right with the classical old town district and its Ottoman houses and lanes and Roman-era harbor.