Switzerland is known as one of the finest holiday spots, not just for Indians, but for people all over the world. Not only does it feature on the bucket list of Indians, it is a dream destination for travelers from all across the globe. The country is known for its dramatic landscapes that range from snow-clad slopes to serene lakes and gushing waterfalls to deep valleys. One such valley is the Engadine Valley. Located in the eastern Swiss Alps in southeastern Switzerland, the Engadine Valley is known for its amazing views, beautiful villages and magical weather. One look at the valley and you would want to stay there forever. (ALSO SEE 21 Jungfraujoch Images That Will Blow Your Mind Away) Here are some spectacular photos of the Engadine Valley in Switzerland that will make you fall in love with it. Also Read - Hyderabad Techie Returns Home 4 Years After Illegally Crossing Into Pakistan. Here's How it Happened

Walking around Sils Lake on Engadine Valley

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View of St. Moritz in winter

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Panoramic view of the lower Engadin valley near Scuol in the Swiss Alps with the village of Tarasp and its castle in the foreground

Engadine Valley photo 3

Aerial view of the valley of Engadine, Switzerland

Engadine Valley photo 4

Sils lake in the Upper Engadine Valley on a summer day

Engadine Valley photo 5

Engadine Valley – The alpine village of Pontresina

Engadine Valley photo 6

Village of Maloja, Engadine Valley in the winter season

Engadine Valley photo 7

Upper Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps – Resort towns St. Moritz and Celerina in Grisons, Switzerland

Engadine Valley photo 8

Panoramic view of the lower Engadin valley and the castle of Tarasp

Engadine Valley photo 9

Valley of the beautiful “Engadin”, Graubunden, Switzerland

Engadine Valley photo 10

Clear blue sky at Engadin Valley, Switzerland

Engadine Valley photo 11

Panoramic view of Sils lake and the Swiss alps in Upper Engadine with golden trees in autumn, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland

Engadine Valley photo 12

Train of the Rhaetian Railway in transit along the line Tirano – St.Moritz during a beautiful sunny day

Engadine Valley photo 13

Village of Maloja, mountain valley in the Swiss Alps

Engadine Valley photo 14

Stunning view of Silsersee, Silvaplanersee, Engadin valley and Maloja from Corvatsch mountain near Sankt Moritz, Grisons, Switzerland, Europe

Engadine Valley photo 15

Picturesque village of Maloya near St. Moritz under a clear blue sky during summer in Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland

Engadine Valley photo 16

Makes you want to visit Switzerland NOW, right?