Located in the northern end of Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh and just around 570 km from the capital city of Delhi, Manali is one of the most popular getaway choices in the state, even the country. For decades now, the town perched at a height of around 2,000 meters above sea level has enchanted its visitors. It sees travelers throughout the year, even some brave ones during the winters when temperatures drop below the freezing point. Situated along the Beas River, almost at its source, Manali is magical in all seasons. Here are some pictures that try to capture some of that magic. ALSO READ: Abu Dhabi Hopes to Bring in More Indian Travelers in 2018 Also Read - Himachal Pradesh: Over 1,000 Tourist Vehicles Stranded Due to Heavy Snowfall in Manali

Beautiful island and bridge on the way to Manali

Beautiful island and Bridge On the way to manali Also Read - Massive Traffic Jam in Himachal Pradesh Towns Due to Rain & Snowfall, Several Tourists Stranded | See Pics

Vista of the Indian Himalayan mountains around the Manali region

Indian Himalaya mountains, Manali region Also Read - Over 500 Tourists Stranded in Manali Due to Snowfall, Rescue Operation Underway

Anchored white water rafting boat at the Beas River

Anchored white water rafting boat in the Himalayas at the Beas river in Manali, India

The road from Manali to Rohtang Pass, Spiti and Leh

The road from Manali to Rohtang Pass, the valley of Spiti and Leh - Himachal Pradesh, India

A landscape view of Manali city in the summer

A landscape view of Manali City, India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state

Beautiful Himalayan peaks in Manali Valley

Beautiful peaks of Himalayas in Manali Valley, India

The Beas River that flows through Manali, surrounded by snow-capped mountains

The Beas River in Manali, India.Himachal Pradesh (Country snowy mountains)

The Pir Panjal range near Manali after Snowfall, en route to Rohtang La

Beautiful mountainscape of Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas after Snowfall near Manali en route to Rohtang La or pass in Himachal Pradesh India

Tibetan metal prayer wheels with mantras in Manali

Tibetan metal prayer wheels with mantras at Manali

A traditional house in Old Manali

Traditional house in Old Manali in India

A hot air balloon floats over the mountain town

Hot balloon air over Manali, India

Flock of sheep walking on the mountain road from Manali to Leh in Darcha

Flock of sheep walking on the mountain road Manali - Leh in Darcha, Himachal Pradesh, India

The bridge connecting Old Manali with New Manali town, seen at night

The bridge connecting the old Manali with the new Manali town shot using the long exposure technique in Himachal Pradesh India

For trekkers and adventures, it is the starting point to the Chandrakhani Pass and Beas Kund, among other trails, and to the white water rapids of the Beas. For travelers hungry for the road, Manali is a major pit-stop along the road to Ladakh, Lahaul, Spiti and Rohtang Pass. Over the decades, this town has seen its popularity soar so much that it has permeated into our songs and culture. And although it is bursting at its seams with guesthouses and hotels and hostels and whatnot, it is still worth exploring during those gap months when it is not overrun with tourists and traffic.