Imagine looking out into the majestic fjords of Norway from the top of a square cliff, with the clouds and steep mountains around you for company. That’s the view you get from Preikestolen, popularly called Pulpit Rock, a unique square-shaped rocky cliff 604 meters above sea level that looks over Norway’s Lysefjord. The cliff is a 6 km hike from the base, the Preikestolen Fjellstue mountain lodge. You ascend around 350 meters along the way, with guided tours taking you through the region every day during the trekking season from April to October. Combine it with a cruise along the fjord, and you get a window into the incredible natural treasures that Norway has to offer. But just saying that is not going to convince you. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are 11 of them. ALSO READ: This road in Norway is the most dangerous road in the world! Also Read - Chess: Viswanathan Anand Has Another Mixed Day, Magnus Carlsen Extends Lead

The mountains on the route to the Preachers Pulpit Rock

Mountains on the way to the Preachers Pulpit Rock in fjord Lysefjord - Norway Also Read - Apple to Sue Owner of Independent iPhone Repair Shop in Norway

Preikestolen, seen from below at a distance on a dark day with a lot of fog

Preikestolen in Norway with persons seen from a distance on a dark day with a lot of fog Also Read - Beluga Whale Returns Phone to Woman After She Accidentally Dropped it Into The Sea - Watch Viral Video

People standing atop Pulpit Rock, with the Lysefjord in the background

Pulpit Rock at Lysefjorden in Norway. A well known tourist attraction towering 600 meters over sea level

Another view of Pulpit Rock, this time with the mountains on the other side of the fjord

Pulpit Rock - Landscape

A couple sit near Pulpit Rock; the Lysefjord disappearing into the horizon

tourists enjoy breathtaking views from Preikestolen rock

Pulpit Rock on a less crowded day; the sharp, jagged edges of the cliff are clearly visible

Preikestolen massive cliff in fjord Lysefjord in Norway. Pulpit rock

A group of friends look over the edge of Preikestolen

Group of people looking over the edge of Pulpit Rock in Norway. Lysefjorden is in the background

And this is the kind of view you can see from that vantage point

view on pulpit rock in Norway

Trolltunga, or the Trolls Tongue, is another popular hiking spot near Pulpit Rock

A vibrant picture of famous norwegian hiking place - trolltunga, the trolls tongue, rock skjegedall, with a tourist, and lake ringedalsvatnet and mountain panoramic scenery epic view, Norway

A summer view of Trolltunga with a lake and the mountains behind it

Beautiful summer vibrant view on famous Norwegian tourist place - trolltunga, the trolls tongue with a lake and mountains, Norway

And finally, a bird’s eye view of Preikestolen; the route can be seen trailing away on the right

Cliff Preikestolen at fjord Lysefjord - Norway

Pulpit Rock is pretty popular, attracting plenty of people every day during peak months. If you prefer not to share the square cliff with others, you can start the trek in the night and catch the sunrise at the top. Apart from Preikestolen Fjellstue, there is also Lilland Hotell nearby where you can stay. You can stay at Stavanger as well, from where you can take a cruise through the Lysefjord. NOW READ: This is the most stunning time-lapse video of Norway you will ever see!

The square shape of the cliff is a wonder of mother nature, the result of the expansion of ice around 10,000 years ago. It was called Hyvlatånnå in the past, which translates to planed tooth. But it was discovered as a tourist spot only in 1900.