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Wei Sawdong in Cherrapunji

Northeast India is one of the country’s hidden delights and Meghalaya is one of its biggest tourist attractions. Home to the wettest places on earth, Meghalaya is synonymous with green valleys, misty mountains and beautiful landscapes. Be it the village with the highest rain density – Mawsynram, or the extremely popular Cherrapunjee and Shillong, Meghalaya is full of gems for travelers. While this wonderful state can be visited all year round, here are a few things you should know if you are planning to visit Meghalaya in the rainy month of August:Also Read - Searching For Euphoria? Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Meghalaya is The Spot You Must Explore

1. Waterfalls

Photograph Courtesy: Nellima V/Creative Commons

Photograph Courtesy: Nellima V/Creative Commons

Meghalaya receives heavy rainfall in August so you can witness the waterfalls in all their glory. Seven Sisters Falls and Nohkalikai look the best during this time! The whole state is lush green and bursting with natural beauty! Also Read - How to Reach Dawki in Meghalaya by Road, Train And Air

2. Roads

Due to the rains, many narrow roads are not in great shape. You need to keep this in mind while calculating travel time. However, the highway from Assam is fine and can be easily used for transit. Also Read - Here's How You Can Reach The Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya

3. Weather


The weather, although wet, is extremely romantic and makes for a great time to be in the region. It is also a great time to taste some local delicacies.

4. Activities


It is best to keep your number of stops to a minimum for sightseeing as the rains will make it difficult to move around. Hit the major waterfalls and some important villages like Mawlynnong. You must do the 3-hour trek to witness the amazing double-decker living root bridges in Nongriat.

5. Airport

Earlier, you needed to fly to Guwahati and then travel to places like Shillong in Meghalaya by road. However, commercial flights are now operational at the Shillong airport which means that you can directly fly to Shillong from your respective city and save time.

So, if you are ready to get wet, your tour of Meghalaya in August will be a trip to remember!