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Though Pune is not a bustling and happening metropolitan city like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, it still holds a special place in the mind of every international and national traveller. Blessed with salubrious climate, historical landmarks and diverse culture, Pune has something for every kind of traveller. Nestled at the furthermost end of Deccan plateau, Pune is known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, thanks to its beaconing forts, sprawling gardens and vibrant bazaars. Also Read - Hill stations near Pune worth visiting in the weekend

Though this historic city is blessed with good climate, summers here can be quite dry and unforgiving. So, here are places where you can go and chill if you are in the city during the day time. Enjoy! Also Read - Here Are 8 Reasons Why Pune is The Most Kickass City in India!

Parvati Hill


Perched atop 2150 metres above the sea level, the green hill of Parvati is Pune’s favourite relaxation spot. The climate is always pleasant here, given its height. The hill houses some beautiful gardens and temples – a legacy of the Peshwa dynasty. To reach the top of this hill, one has to climb around 104 stone steps constructed by the Peshwas more than 250 years ago. But climbing these heavy steps is well worth the effort, for you will completely feel at peace at this hillock providing a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline.

Empress Garden


Managed by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India since the 18th century, this garden is luxuriously sprawled across 39 acres and houses rarest of rare flora and fauna in the region. This place gives you respite in the sweltering weather with its quaint water stream flowing amid well-landscaped lawns and a garden.

Osho Ashram


Osho Ashram located on the outskirts of the city has been a must-visit destination for international travellers seeking peace and spirituality. One of the best features of this ashram is the garden which is created over a wasteland. Wastewater has been used to maintain this sprawling garden. The campus here is amazingly serene and peaceful, you would not regret visiting this place, we are sure.