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The Rajdhani express is perhaps India’s most popular train service. A large number of people have taken a journey in the Rajdhani Express at some point are another in their lives. However, this is also a reason why people often struggle to get confirmed seats on the train. This is especially the case for those who book AC-I and AC-II tickets. The Indian Railways has been facing a severe demand-supply issue for a while and as a result, many people who book tickets hoping that they will get confirmed in time for their journey are left disappointed. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Mr. Ashwani Lohani, former Air India Chairman who is now the chairman of the Railways board has some great news for Rajdhani travelers. If all goes well, passengers who have unconfirmed AC-I and AC-II tickets for the Rajdhani Express will be able to fly to their destinations by just paying the difference between their railway ticket fare and airfare. Also Read - Post April 14, Central Govt Likely to Allow Flight Operations in Staggered Manner

This proposal was penned down by Mr. Lohani himself earlier when he was the Air India chairman. However, the Railways had failed to respond at the time and the proposal was left lying. Now that the reins are in Mr. Lohani’s hands, he has made a statement saying that if Air India approaches the Railways with the same proposal, he will be giving it the green flag. According to Mr. Lohani’s original proposal, personal details of passengers booking the Rajdhani tickets can be shared with Air India once it is clear that their tickets are unconfirmed. AI can then get in touch with them and offer them lucrative deals on flights to choose from. This makes a lot of sense since airfare of domestic destinations is more or less the same as Rajdhani AC-II ticket rates. Also Read - 'Proud of You': Pakistan ATC Lauds Air India For COVID-19 Relief Flights

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If Air India does go ahead with this proposal, it would be great news for travelers in India as it would open them to the option of flying to their destination which will mean that they can keep up with their schedule, which is not possible when trains are missed on account of unconfirmed tickets. Paying just the difference in price of the tickets would also mean that it will not burn a hole in the pockets of travelers as would be the case if they were to book flight tickets directly. The Rajdhani Express is a series of passenger trains known for its speed and service. As the name suggests, the Rajdhani Express connects India’s Rajdhani (capital) New Delhi with other prominent cities of India.