Ram Navami is one of India’s major Hindu festivals. It celebrates the arrival of the Hindu deity Vishnu’s seventh avatar, Ram, on earth. Ram Navami is the ninth and last day of the Chaitra Navaratri festival. Ram Navami 2017 date is April 5 and on this day, the whole country will celebrate the festival with great pomp. While many Hindu temples across India perform prayer rituals during Ram Navami, there are some where the festival is celebrated on a larger scale. (ALSO SEE 5 famous Rama temples in India every devotee must visit) Here are the best places in India to witness Ram Navami 2017 celebration in all its glory. Also Read - Lift Lockdown Gradually to Prevent 'Second Wave' of Coronavirus, Experts Warn China As Wuhan Allows People to Travel

Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

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Perhaps the most popular pilgrim destiantion related to Ram in India, Ayodhya is where Ram Navami is celebrated on the grandest scale. Ayodhya is considered to be Rama’s birthplace according to Hindu mythology, Born as the son of Ayodhya’s king Raja Dashrath, Rama began the extraordinary journey of his life here making it the most significant place associated with the popular Hindu deity. People observe fasts, decoreate their houses, perform various religious rituals and build lavish pandals during Ram Navami. Ayodhya also hosts a grand fair and a beautiful chariot procession to celebrate Ram Navami. DO SEE Ram Navami celebration in Ayodhya: Here is how Ayodhya comes alive for Ram Navami Also Read - Do You Have Celiac Disease? You May Die Prematurely

Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu


Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu is famous for its temple dedicated to Rama. It is believed that a bridge called the Rama Setu was built to cross over to Lanka from Rameswaram. The bridge was constructed by Rama’s army of monkeys using stones that floated as the name Ram was written on them. Rama is believed to have stopped by at Rameswaram on his way back too in order to pray to Shiva and ask for his forgiveness for killing a brahmin and another Shiva devotee (Ravana). CHECK OUT Did you know this little-known fact about Rameswaram’s Ramanatha Swamy temple?

Bhadrachalam, Telangana

Image: Adityamadhav83/Wikimedia Commons

Image: Adityamadhav83/Wikimedia Commons

Bhadrachalam in Telangana is famous for the Bhadrachalam temple dedicated to Lord Rama. Situated on the banks of the Godavari river, the town celebrates Ram Navami with great devotion. The temple which is believed to have been constructed in the 17th century is the centre of all Ram Navami activties.

Sitamarhi, Bihar

Janaki Sthan, Sitamarhi, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Janaki Sthan, Sitamarhi, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Considered the birthplace of goddess Sita, Sitamarhi in Bihar is a significant spot for Hindu pilgrims. Janki Mandir in Sitamarhi celebrates Ram Navami with utmost devotion and a number of locals and tourists attend the rituals here. The temple is decorated and the place also hosts a fair.

Vontimitta, Andhra Pradesh

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

A small town in Andhra Pradesh, Vontimitta is home to the revered Sri Kondandarama Swamy temple dedicated to Rama. The temple is believed to have been built by Vontudu and Mittudu, robbers-turned-devotees of Rama who turned to stone after building the temple. It is the official venue for Rama Navami celebrations in Telangana.

Ayodhyapattina, Tamil Nadu

Sri Kodandapani Ramar temple in Ayodhyapattina located in Tamil Nadu’s Salem district hosts a grand Ram Navami celebration. The Rama temple is famous amongst devotees as one of the most prominent temples in south India. NOW SEE From Ayodhya to Rameswaram and beyond: 11 most important places in Lord Rama’s journey

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