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Ramadan 2016 is underway and devoted Muslims have started observing fasts all day long to be broken with iftar in the evening. The rituals include prayers performed five times a day (Click here for Ramadan prayer timings). Ramadan is observed with great abstinence, discipline and devotion and ends with the Eid celebrations. It is a great time to look at some of the finest mosques in India known for their history and architecture. These mosques often take you back in time to India’s glorious past and also serve as great prayer houses for devoted followers. Here are 10 most famous mosques of India you must witness if you get a chance. Also Read - Philippines Releases Over 15,000 Prisoners Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

1. Jama Masjid in Delhi

Photograph: Gettyimages

Photograph: Gettyimages

The largest and most popular mosque in India is Delhi’s Jama Masjid. It can accommodate around 25,000 devotees and is known for its marvelous architecture and Mughal history. Also Read - Nepal Political Crisis: Prachanda Meets President Amid Rift in Ruling NCP

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2. Dargah Sharif in Ajmer


One of India’s biggest tourist attractions, the Dargah Sharif of Khwaja Moin-ud-Din Chishti in Ajmer is visited by thousands of people daily. A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without a visit to Ajmer and the neighboring Pushkar.

3. Bara Imambara in Lucknow


Lucknow’s Bara Imambara is its most famous attraction. It was built way back in 1784 and is said to house the world’s largest vaulted chamber.

4. Taj-ul Masajid in Bhopal


Bhopal’s Taj-ul Masajid is said to be one of the world’s tallest mosques. It is a must-visit on your trip to Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its beautiful architecture comprising of octagonal minarets, marble domes and 2-storey gateway.

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5. Hazratbal in Srinagar


Located in one of the most scenic locales of the country, Hazratbal shrine in Jammu and Kashmir is a popular attraction and visited by several devotees. It is said to house a hair strand of Prophet Mohammad himself.

6. Jama Masjid in Fatehpur Sikri


One of the most historic sites in India, Fatehpur Sikri is also home to Jama Masjid which was built way back in 1648. Its grand architecture is admirable and its history makes it one of the most visited mosques of the country.

7. Jamali Kamali in Delhi


And then there is the 16th century Jamali Kamali mosque located in Mehrauli’s Archaeological Park. It is considered to be an epitome of Mughal architecture and is visited by several history buffs.

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8. Adhai Din ka Jhopra in Ajmer


Another historic monument which was once a Sanskrit college and later converted to a mosque is the Adhai Din ka Jhopra in Ajmer. It dates back to the 12th century and its peculiar architecture and proximity to Dargah Sharif make it a popular attraction.

9. Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad


Hyderabad Mecca Masjid is another splendid piece of architecture and is located conveniently close to famous tourist spots like the Chowmohalla Palace and Charminar. Constructed during the reign of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, the bricks of the mosque are believed to be made from soil brought all the way from mecca in Saudi Arabia.

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10. Nagina Masjid in Agra

Nagina mosque

Built by Shah Jahan in the 17th century, the Nagina masjid in Agra is one of its underrated attractions. Despite its simple decorations, the architecture of this mosque stands out due to its pure white marble structure. It is believed to have been built for the ladies of the royal family.


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