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Ramadan or Ramazan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar during which Muslims observe fasts from sunrise to sunset. Fasting is believed to bring one closer to God. During their fast, people do not even drink water. So, the meal served after sunset, which is called iftar, and before sunrise, which is called suhoor or sehri, is extremely important. Preparation of the meal and eating iftar is a ritual of sort and it involves gathering of friends and the entire family. Both sehri and iftar include several delicious dishes. Also Read - Shocking! Government Helpline Receives 92,000 Calls on Domestic Abuse, Violence Amid Lockdown

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Suhoor or sehri is usually a hearty, wholesome meal to give you energy for the entire day of fasting. The meal includes fruits, fiber-rich carbohydrate foods like whole wheat bread or brown rice, fish, dairy product, sugar, meat and eggs. Drinking fluid is highly recommended at this time to stay hydrated the whole day. Also Read - After Lockdown is Over, Automated Sector to Resume Operations First | 5-Point Strategy


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Iftar is the meal after the sunset when you replenish your energy. Traditionally, the fast is broken in the evening by eating three dates followed by the iftar. The dates will give you the much-needed energy. Iftar also includes vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products but this time the dishes are more elaborate.

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The food served during Ramadan varies by region. In India, haleem is one of the popular dishes for iftar. The slow-cooked stew of wheat, lentils and meat is rich and filling. Other dishes include spicy kebabs, potato fritters, chicken samosa and bread, biryani and shorbas.

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If you are in Mumbai, head to Mohammad Ali road for some lip-smacking food. Lucknow’s Akbari Gate and Aishbagh Idgah are really popular for ending the fast. Try kebabs near Jama Masjid in Delhi and Biryani near Charminar in Hyderabad. It is advisable to keep your meal healthy and avoid too much fats and oily food.

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