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Ramadan 2016 is underway and Muslim devotees all over the world have started observing fasts that signify abstinence and discipline. Prayers are offered five to six times a day during Ramadan. No matter what part of the world you are traveling to, it is important to be aware of the events around you and religious sentiments of local people you will meet and interact with. It is therefore important to know that there are five types of prayers offered during Ramadan. They are: Also Read - Amid Tensions With China, PM Speaks to Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina And UAE's Bin Zayed

1. Fajr: This is the dawn prayer and marks the beginning of the day’s fasting followed by a sunrise Also Read - As COVID-19 Cases Cross 214-mark With 5 Deaths, Himachal Pradesh Extends Lockdown Till June 30

2. Zuhr: The second prayer is the midday player. It is replaced by Jumu’ah on Fridays characterized men listening to educational speeches delivered by mosque leaders.

3. Asr : This is the afternoon prayer considered to be the middle prayer as per the Koran.

4. Maghrib: The fourth prayer is Maghrib performed typically after sunset. This is when the daily fast is broken with iftar.

5. Taraweeh: This prayer is considered optional and is performed in pairs of two.

(ALSO SEE Ramadan 2016: The purpose of fasting during Ramadan) You should also know the prayer timings for the five prayers during Ramadan. Here is the June 2016 timing schedule for New Delhi:

June 7Tue03:5005:2212:2003:5307:1808:51
June 8Wed03:5005:2212:2103:5307:1808:51
June 9Thu03:5005:2212:2103:5307:1908:52
June 10Fri03:4905:2212:2103:5307:1908:53
June 11Sat03:4905:2212:2103:5307:2008:53
June 12Sun03:4905:2212:2203:5407:2008:54
June 13Mon03:4905:2212:2203:5407:2008:54
June 14Tue03:4905:2212:2203:5407:2108:55
June 15Wed03:4905:2312:2203:5407:2108:55
June 16Thu03:4905:2312:2203:5407:2108:55
June 17Fri03:5005:2312:2303:5407:2208:56
June 18Sat03:5005:2312:2303:5507:2208:56
June 19Sun03:5005:2312:2303:5507:2208:56
June 20Mon03:5005:2312:2303:5507:2208:57
June 21Tue03:5005:2412:2403:5507:2308:57
June 22Wed03:5005:2412:2403:5507:2308:57
June 23Thu03:5105:2412:2403:5607:2308:57
June 24Fri03:5105:2412:2403:5607:2308:57
June 25Sat03:5105:2512:2403:5607:2308:57
June 26Sun03:5205:2512:2503:5607:2308:57
June 27Mon03:5205:2512:2503:5707:2308:57
June 28Tue03:5305:2512:2503:5707:2308:57
June 29Wed03:5305:2612:2503:5707:2408:57
June 30Thu03:5405:2612:2503:5707:2408:57

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