The places that first come to mind when we hear of Ganga Aarti are Varanasi and then Haridwar. This religious tribute to the river Ganga, however, is also conducted at Ramkrishnapur Ghat, one of the most ancient ghats in Kolkata. As compare to the ones that happen at Dashashwamedh Ghat in Varanasi or Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar, this one is not as elaborate, but exudes the same energy.

Located in Howrah, this ghat is witness to the holy ritual and stirs up the soul in ways only a Ganga Aarti can. Situated close to Ma Tara Temple, Ramkrishnapur Ghat is a spectacle in the evenings; whether you are stationed on the ghat or are on a boat across from it. Booking a boat ride from Babughat is highly recommended if you want to experience the enchanting scene from the river.

Similar to the evening Aarti of Varanasi, large brass lamps with fierce flames and garlands of flowers accompany the mantras and chants of the devotees. In Sanskrit, the ‘aa‘ of Aarti stands for ‘complete’ and ‘rati‘ stands for ‘love,’ which means ‘complete love’ for the divine. During the Aarti, an incredible number of people are drawn to the scene to experience the spiritual vibe of the place. You can couple your visit to the ghat with the Hanuman Temple nearby where a grand puja is held every Tuesday.

At this ghat, simple arrangements are made for the Aarti: there are wooden platforms, puja mats, conch shell, praying bells, incense sticks, beautiful flowers, large brass lamps, a water pot, yak-tail fan and peacock’s feather. So, if you’re looking to give your hectic city life a break and need to spend a rejuvenating evening, head to the serene Ramkrishnapur Ghat near Howrah Bridge and witness the Ganga Aarti there.