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Indian women these days are out and about to explore the world starting from their own city, going off to remote villages and bigger cities. Many even take up solo traveling to discover themselves on their journey and while many have become more confident, others made friends for life on their way. So, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2016 we conducted a poll on our website and asked Indian women to tell us if they felt safe traveling alone. Also Read - Amid Tensions With China, PM Speaks to Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina And UAE's Bin Zayed

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Sadly, 50 per cent of women voted that they don’t feel safe traveling alone in India. If you think the rest half find it safe, that isn’t really the case. According to the poll results, only 15 per cent said that they felt safe while 16 per cent said they felt safe only sometimes and 19 per cent could not decide what to say.

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These figures reveal that we still have a long way to go as far as making a safe environment for women is concerned. The common consensus even today is that India isn’t really safe especially for solo female travelers. While many are taking the plunge and going on solo trips, there are several of them who wouldn’t want to venture out alone. India is a vast country with so much to explore and making our women safe should be one of our top priorities as its citizens. So let’s pledge today to make our country a safer place so that we have more women travelers who can explore the country freely without feeling unsafe.