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With flights getting cheaper and more affordable, air travel has seen a sudden boost in India. What takes two to three days by a train journey can be covered in a couple of hours. No wonder most people want to take a flight than a train. Whether you are a frequent flyer or a first-timer, there are certain hacks that should know. Here are five of them revealed by air hostesses and cabin crew of different airlines. (DON’T MISS More stories on Travel Tips)Also Read - THESE Trains to Halt At Haryana's Kanina Khas Station From Oct 7 | Deets Inside

1. Book an aisle seat when traveling alone

Yes, according to air hostesses, the aisle seat is better than a window seat. This is because you can move around freely without disturbing others. You get more room thanks to no one sitting on the other side and if you are tall, you can even slightly stick your leg out when no one is walking. Also Read - IPL 2021 Points Table Today Latest After KKR vs RCB, Match 31: KKR Beat RCB to Claim 5th Position; Shikhar Dhawan, Harshal Patel Still in Lead in IPL Orange Cap, Purple Cap List

2. The emergency exit seat has more legroom

If you are tall and have long legs, flying economy may not be a comfortable experience. So if you want some extra legroom, opt for the seat near the emergency exit. Many flights may not allow people to book this seat so make sure you arrive early at the check-in counter to get this seat. Also Read - US President Joe Biden to Host PM Narendra Modi for Bilateral Dialogue on September 24 at White House

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3. Carry a backpack to avoid being charged for excess baggage

If your luggage weighs more than the allowed limit, you can avoid paying extra money by carrying a backpack. Most airlines will not weigh it unless it looks suspiciously heavy. So carry more stuff in it and don’t check-in the backpack. This will save you from paying extra for baggage.

4. Booking as a couple? Leave the middle seat vacant

If you are flying with your loved one and need some privacy, leave the middle seat vacant and book the aisle and window. People are less likely to book a middle seat unless there aren’t seats left. If luck favors you, you will get the entire row to just the two of you. And if someone does book it, you can always exchange and sit together.

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5. Mark your baggage as fragile for it to arrive first

Bored of waiting for your bag to arrive on the carousel? One trick is to mark it fragile or get it marked as priority baggage from the airlines. Though it is usually reserved for business class flyers, the fragile tag should work in your favor and chances are your bag will be among the first ones to arrive.

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