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Rajmachi is a small hamlet nestled in the mountainous ranges of Sahyadri. It is known as a trekking destination near Lonavala which is frequented by travellers during the monsoons. Fort Shreevardhan and Manoranjan are must-see destinations of Rajmachi. Also Read - Road Trip: Here's How You Can Reach Karjat From Mumbai by Road

Rajmachi is located at about 99 kilometres from Mumbai and can be easily reached via road in a couple of hours. It is accessible via train too, but a road trip is more fun and pleasurable. Here is the route for Mumbai-Rajmachi. Also Read - Road Trip: Here's How You Can Reach Rajmachi From Pune by Road

By Car:

Best way to cover Mumbai to Rajmachi is Mumbai – 26 kilometres – Navi Mumbai – 24 kilometre – Bhatan Tunnel – 58 kilometre – Khandala – 15 kilometre – Rajmachi. To reach this place easily, follow Mumbai to Pune Expressway and NH4 to Masur to Umbraj Rd in Umbraj. The road is very easy to navigate and in excellent condition with a lot of ATMs and drive-in restaurants.

By Bus:

There are several buses available from Borivali in Mumbai throughout the day. Also, you can take a bus or taxi from Lonavala station. The base camp Udhewadi is just 20 kilometres away from Lonavala.

By Taxi:

There are taxis available from Mumbai that charge by kilometre plus extra for the driver, depending on the vehicle type.