Rupin Pass Trek is a high altitude trek which though it starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand, most of it happens in Himachal Pradesh before coming to an end at Sangla. Situated at an altitude of about 15,250 feet, Rupin Pass is considered one of the highest expeditions for trekking in India. The high altitude in not the sole reason for its popularity among trekkers; the diversified scenery and variation in trails attracts many nature lovers.

You will be quite surprised at how the Rupin Pass Trek trails are so difficult at times, and at the very next moment it’s cakewalk. Rupin Pass is an ideal trek for an adventurer as it traverses every type of terrain: be it on snow, rocky terrain, along the water streams or through meadows. You will start trekking from greener landscapes and move towards the coldest areas covered with snow as you reach the end.

Keep an eye out for the many natural wonders that you’ll encounter on the way. Among them will be gorgeous waterfalls at Rupin Valley; water falls here from such a height that it appears as if its falling straight from the sky. Another unique attraction is the Jhaka Village, which is almost a hanging village. It is positioned at the utmost edge of the mountain making it appear like its hanging from the cliff. You will come across numerous snow bridges on the trek, and the feeling of walking on them is magical to say the least.

The trek at various points passes through the forests of fir, rhododendron and oak. These lush forests are so beautiful that’ll they’d feel straight out of a movie set. On your way up the trek, you’ll pass the Kinnaur Temple, a two-storeyed temple of at Sewa. Then of course, while you’re nearing the end of the trek, the visual of the Kailash Peak will take your breath away.