Satpura National Park, located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh is where every true wildlife lover must visit to appreciate the jungle wildlife, beautiful hilly terrain, deep gorges and rivulets in a virgin forest locale. Along with adjoining Pachmarhi and Bori Sanctuaries, Satpura Tiger Reserve is spread over an area of 1427 square kilometres; making it impossibly diverse in flora and fauna. From jeep safari, elephant safari, walking safari to boat safari – you can do it all at the unspoiled highland eco-system of Satpura National Park. Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Electricity Department Leaves Man Startled After Complaint, Says Remove BJP And Elect Congress For Cheaper Bill

Satpura National Park boasts of having over 50 species of mammals, 254 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles, 50 species of butterflies and much more. Attractive birds species here include Malabar Whistling Thrush, Paradise Fly-Catcher, Honey Buzzard and Malabar Pied Hornbill. The presence of various flower species and moist conditions offer an ideal habitat for various butterfly species to flourish like Oakleaf, Black Rajah, Great Eggfly and Blue Pancy. You will also find endemic species here such as the Indian Giant Squirrel, Flying Squirrel and Rhesus Monkey. Also Read - Passengers Coming by Flights to Madhya Pradesh Will be Scanned For COVID-19 on Their Arrival

If you plan to canoe through the River Denwa, you will be amazed to find the diversity of bird species that gather from different parts of the world here, like the Stints from the Tundra region, the Bar-headed Geese from the Tibetan region, the Black Storks traveling across continents and stopping by all the way from Sahara, and the Indian Skimmers locally migrating to find undisturbed mud-flats for nesting. Then there are the River Terns – a stunning species that aren’t shy to display their behaviour, and the gorgeous Peregrine Falcons too that’ll you will spot here.

You must also watch out for the Owls in Satpura. Certain owls along with nightjars hoot the night with their melodies and mysteries, especially when summer sets in. From a million cicadas, crickets, mosquitoes, toads, to Chital, Leopard, Sloth Bear and even pigs – the wildlife at Satpura is truly a delight.

Unlike other popular national parks that face problems like over-crowding, Satpura gives the traveller the peace and the quite needed while on a jungle safari. Whether you choose to do it in a jeep, canoe, or on foot, it’ll be an experience like no other. The presence of huge back-water reserve makes this park more scenic and offers good sighting of reptiles and other water animals.

The nearest airport for reaching Satpura National Park is in Bhopal (190kms/4hrs) which has direct flight connectivity with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Indore.