If you love being amidst the beautiful nature and visiting unexplored but magnificent landscapes, you must head towards Northeast India. Located amidst pristine mountains, the ‘seven sisters’ are hiding safely in the lap of mother nature. Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura are the seven states that form Northeast India. Their scenic beauty, exotic wildlife, and cascading waterfalls are something that can surely make you feel as if you are in heaven. On this enchanting land lies the seven sisters waterfalls. Intrigued to know about it?

Located in Meghalaya, the seven sisters waterfalls basically have seven different descending streams strategically arranged side by side. The waterfalls are on a high and rugged cliff and look picturesque. The entire region seems to become and look alive especially during the rainfall. This natural wonder is located approximately 1 km in East Khasi Hills district.

Gushing through the lush greenery on the rough and rocky cliff, seven waterfalls make a roaring sound while falling on the limestones. You can conveniently capture the stunning view of this waterfall from a cafeteria built nearby by the Tourist and Civil Aviation Department. If you enjoy serenity and peace, this can be one of the best spots for you. The government authority has also constructed a small footbridge over the stream to ensure that the travellers get a perfect picture of the natural beauty.

While you are in Meghalaya, the seven waterfalls is not the only attraction you should see, there is an array of other interesting and mesmerizing spots too. To explore them, you must head towards Shillong, Tura, Mawsynram, Jowai, and Cherrapunji. These destinations offer a variety of stunning sights, activities, and delectable local food. You will also witness some colonial influence in some parts of these destinations.