Do you wish to settle in a foreign nation but the immigration policies are emerging tough? These days countries are making their immigration rules more difficult to limit the number of people entering their land. A person needs exemplary skills to get the visa of a developed country like the USA. In this scenario, the only option remains is to look for lesser developed but prosperous countries to settle. If settling abroad is a big enough dream for you, here we tell you about countries that are quite friendly, developed, and beautiful. Read on to know about them. Also Read - Exercise Caution if You're Visiting Northeast India, UK Issues Travel Advisory; Israel, France Alert Tourists


Located near the equator, Ecuador has a diverse landscape. This beautiful country has friendly immigration policies. The place has a rich culture and picturesque locations. Having a gastronomic diversity, Ecuador is an ideal destination for you if you wish to settle close to nature. Also Read - Cheap Indian Destinations Promising Quintessential Experience


Considered as one of the most friendly nations to live, Canada has all the components that developed nations need to have. Simpler immigration rules of Canada make it easier for people to choose the nation their home. The country is known to have very low crime and violence rate. Also, Canada has a strong economy. Living here can make your living standard high. The country has no shortage of picturesque landscapes. Also, its culturally rich and vibrant cities can make anyone feel like home. Also Read - Don't Miss Out on These Offbeat Indian Destinations This December


It is considered as an ideal place to settle in. Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world and yet its immigration policies are friendlier compared to other nations. To settle in Australia it is easier to get a working or study visa. The country provides almost everything that one needs. People hardly get to think about the source of money in Australia due to good job prospects the country provide. Here, you can find a diverse range of landscapes. From desserts to beaches and lush green lands, Australia has everything that makes it beautiful.