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As Gujarat is celebrating one of its biggest cultural events of the year in the form of Uttarayan 2017 or the International Kite Festival 2017, Shah Rukh Khan has treated his fans with a glimpse of what it is like to be in Gujarat right now. A song from SRK and mahira Khan starrer Raees has recently been released and it takes you right into the heart of Gujarat and shows you its electric ambiance during the kite festival. The song portrays SRK and Mahira Khan at their very best indulging in some cheeky onscreen romance. But what is most exciting about the song is how it captures the fun and frolic during the kite festival in Gujarat. You can see colorful kites hovering in the sky as Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira dance to the beats of the groovy ‘Udi Udi Jaaye‘. Raees is set in Gujarat and it makes sense to release this song just before Makar Sankranti. The International Kite festival is celebrated in Ahmedabad every year and this year it is being held from January 8 to January 14. During this period, kite-makers and fliers from all across the globe flock to the Sabarmati riverfront and display their innovative designs and unusual kites. ALSO SEE International Kite Festival 2017 in Gujarat: Everything you need to know about Uttarayan in Ahmedabad Also Read - Two Doctors of Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital Assaulted While Buying Grocery, Case Filed

More importantly, locals take the festival very seriously and you can see people on their rooftops excited to battle their kites against each other. Production and supply for the kites begins well in advance, sometimes as early as November. People contract their favorite kite makers to prepare sturdy kites which will prove their strength in battle. During Makar Sankranti, you can see friends and relatives laughing out loud on terraces as they try to bring each other’s kites down. The festive ambiance of Uttarayan has been captured extremely well in the new song from Raees. SRK’s histrionics and Mahira’s gorgeousness only make it better! Have a look! Also Read - Do You Have Celiac Disease? You May Die Prematurely

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