The abode of ingenious and unparalleled skills of wall paintings, Shekhawati’s numerous temples, havelis, forts, baoris, and shrines have been home to the intricately executed art for centuries now. Shekhawati has been the backbone of commercial entrepreneurship in India for ages and it’s main districts comprises of Churu, Jhunjhunu, Sikar and Nagaur. Also Read - Rajasthan Sizzles as Mercury Rises, IMD Issues 'Red Alert' For Several Parts of North India

Less explored than other parts of Rajasthan, Shekhawati is appreciated for its incredible painting work on havelis because they accentuate the beauty of royal residences manifold. The dazzling murals remind us that Shekhawati was once inhabited by people who loved to paint on the walls. Before the rich historical and cultural heritage is lost in the dust of time, you must visit enchanting places like Sikar – known for its clock tower, painted Biyani havelis and large market and the beautiful Nawalgarh with its fine frescoes, some exceptionally beautiful havelis belonging to the prosperous Marwari era of 19th-century. Also Read - What After Covid-19? Well, India Faces Grave Threat of Locust Invasion Next Month

Then there’s the architectural marvels at Laxmangarh – the grand Laxmangarh Fort, lavish havelis and famous Radhi Murlimanohar Temple that you cannot miss when in Shekhawati. Also Read - Amid Bickering Over Migrants, Rajasthan Sends Uttar Pradesh Bill of Over Rs 36 Lakh

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Dundlod is another small, charming town which has been converted into a plush hotel for travellers. This is where you must put up if you want to feel like royalty. Among other notable attractions are Mukundgarh where you can shop for local handicrafts; Khetri for its marvellous frescoes; Mandawa for its picturesque town; Mahansar for its ancient temples; and Chirawa for its huge havelis. Chirawa for its huge havelis and Bagar for being the home of Rungtas and Seth Piramal.

The town gets its name from Rao Shekha, the ruler who has his bastion here for a long time. You must understand that every other house here is a haveli, so you cannot see all of them on your trip here. Pick the one’s that capture your imagination. It is a haven for a connoisseur of art and architecture. The wall paintings on the havelis are a riot of colours with mythology and fauna  at the very core of the wonderful art. These exquisitely embellished havelis mushroomed during the eighteenth century and former half of the twentieth century.