Shenaz Treasury Instagram

Shenaz Treasury Instagram

Our favorite travel vlogger and globetrotter Shenaz Treasury can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. She has the charm and aura to woo even the most disinterested of people. So, when she says that Dubai is a good option for a getaway even in this heat, we must not ignore her advice. The gorgeous actor traveler who always keeps us on our toes with her travel memoirs, be it from the Maldives or from our very own south India, was recently in Dubai. As always, she has posted some hot photos giving us a sneak peek into her trip. And if you read what she has to say about her time in Dubai, you will be convinced that it may not be a bad idea to take a quick trip after all. Here’s some stuff Shenaz has posted from Dubai: Also Read - New Videos of Shenaz Treasury Show What Luxury in the Himalayas Looks Like!

Guess where she is!

Shenaz gives you some tips to beat the heat!

There’s Shenaz being her bubbly self!

So, what do you say? Planning to visit Dubai soon?