Snowfall in Shimla

Snowfall in Shimla

Shimla is one Indian destination which never ceases to amaze. No matter how popular it gets, Shimla will never lose its charm. Known as one of India’s most famous tourist spots and its quintessential summer retreat since time time of the British Raj, Shilma attracts visitors all year round. During summer, it is packed with locals tourists looking for some respite from the scorching heat in the plains. However, it is during the winter season when you can witness the real magic of this beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. Known as one of the finest snow places in India, Shimla turns into a white paradise during the winter months. Its charisma and splendor increases by leaps and bounds after every fresh bout of snowfall it receives.  ALSO SEE 14 most stunning pictures of Shimla that will make you fall in love with the hill station! Also Read - Himachal Pradesh: 187 People Rescued After Being Stranded in Heavy Snow Near Kufri

While Shimla is a great place to visit during summer, you must visit Shimla during the winter months at least once to witness its majestic snowfall. While you may face some hassles due to blocked roads, you can always pick a comfortable hotel with a great view to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Not convinced yet? This Shimla snowfall video shot a few years ago gives you a sneak peek into the enchanting ambiance of Shimla when it receives snowfall. It will tempt you to visit Shimla and experience the magnificence of snow for yourself. Also Read - Heavy Snowfall in Himachal Pradesh: Tourists Advised Not to Visit Shimla, Manali

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