If you’re planning to escape the summer heat by heading to Shimla, time it with the Shimla Summer Festival happening from June 2 – 7. The festival is a celebration of the bounty of harvest, and those five days are a riot of musical and folk performances, cultural attractions, local handicraft exhibitions, as well as quirky fashion shows, dog shows, and stalls that serve up local cuisine.

The Shimla Summer Festival has been conducted annually since the 1960s; and is fairly responsible for drawing in large crowds to the state capital. Held at the Ridge every year; it is just about the right place for a summer soiree. The Ridge is a large, open space right in the middle of the city, perfect for hosting the festival.

Since it’s located along the main shopping centre of the town, it allows travellers to stroll through the festival at their leisure. What’s more, the festival is free for everyone. Stalls selling artisanal wares, food, clothes, and other Himachali handicrafts add a dash of colour and vibrancy to the ambiance. As do Shimla’s top attractions such as the Christ Church.

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Shimla Summer Festival is a 5-day long festival that is celebrated every year in the Summer Capital city of India, Shimla. The festival commemorates the beginning of Summer season in the region with great enthusiasm and glee. It is one of the most popular festivals of the region that has been celebrated since 1960. This extravagant festival features a wide range of musical and folk performances that make it an amazing event. Locals and tourists participate together and enjoy the festival equally with a wide range of activities to enjoy as well. The beauty of this picturesque destination is at its peak during this season that adds charm to the grace of this occasion. From flower exhibitions to food festivals, painting competitions, Himachali Film Festival and performances by various famous singers are the major highlights of this festival. The festival also has a plethora of other activities that include crafts exhibition and shopping of local souvenirs that catch the eyes of the tourists. From the mall road to the ridge, the whole area is decorated and booked for the events that take place during the festival. This year, the Shimla Summer Festival will be celebrated with the same joy and euphoria in the month of June and shall be visited to experience the mesmerizing beauty and charisma of Shimla and the festival too. Visit us here for Best packages of Shimla & Manali http://www.travelroute.in/product/shimla-manali-delhi/ #Shimla #manali #Travelroute #TravelLove #Travelogue #Wanderlust #TravelFun #Blissfulday #Happiness #Travelpackages #ShimlaSummerFestival

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The Shimla Summer Festival usually kicks off with a half-marathon that paves the way for a fun 5-day spectacle. Special importance is particularly given to sport activities; a multitude of sporting events and tournaments are organised every year. You will see local school children heavily involved in the festival as they showcase their talents through cultural performances. This is also the perfect time, in fact, to catch the beautiful flowers in full bloom in Shimla.

The festival hosts tons of other events, including a fashion show that gives a platform to local designers to showcase their work. Couple that with a bevy of stalls serving lip-smacking Himachali cuisine; the perfect source of nourishment for all. There are live music performances on all five days as well; along with ice-skating events, photography and poster-making competitions, that ensures there’s something for everybody.