Photograph courtesy: AJ Photographic Art/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: AJ Photographic Art/Creative Commons

Shravan, the holy month of fasting in the Hindu calendar will begin on August 3 this year in Maharashtra. Shravan that marks the peak of monsoon season, is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar and is celebrated by observing a fast and avoiding certain food items. Mondays are the most important days of this month as it is the day of Shiva for whom the month is dedicated. Women observe fasts on Mondays in order to please Shiva and seek his blessings to get a good husband. Many couples who are facing marital issues also pray to the lord during Shravan especially so on Mondays. Also Read - After Opening Parks, Jammu And Kashmir to Open Tourism in Phased Manner From July 14 | Check Guidelines

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Even those who aren’t so religious, change their eating habits for a month by avoiding eating non-veg and alcohol. They eat only once a day. This is because monsoon is at its peak that can result in stomach ailments so it is important to eat right and eat light. Drinking alcohol is also avoided by people during Shravan. In Maharashtra, people observe a day of feasting and drinking prior to Shravan. This is called Gatari Amavasya when people binge eat and drink to their heart’s content so that they don’t crave for it during the month-long Shravan. Also Read - LIVE England vs West Indies 1st Test, Day 5 Southampton: Dowrich Departs But WI Ahead in 200 Chase vs ENG

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Fishermen in Maharashtra celebrate Narali Poornima where they offer a coconut to the sea in order to calm it down. After offering their prayers, they go fishing as their livelihood depends on the sea. Nag Panchmi is also celebrated on the fifth day of Shravan. Also Read - After Vikas Dubey Episode, Mayawati Says Don't Put Brahmin Community in Dock Over Crimes of One Person

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Shravan celebrations in Maharashtra will begin this year on August 3 with the first Shravan Somvar falling on August 8. The second, third and fourth will be on August 15, 22 and 29 respectively. Shravan will come to an end on September 1. On the last day of Shravan, farmers in Maharashtra worship the bull, this is known as Pola.


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