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It is believed that the month of Shravan is the official beginning of monsoon. Though India welcomed monsoon a month back, this is the time when monsoon hits its peak. As per Hindu beliefs, the month of Shravan is auspicious to seek blessings from Shiva. An entire month of fasting and offering prayers is what Shravan is about. Since Mondays of this month are considered to be important, most of the fasting is done on this day also known as Somvar Vrath. But do you know the significance of Shravan? If no, here it is! Also Read - Watch LIVE: PM Modi Attends Online Summit With Australian PM Scott Morrison

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Shiv-Puja shravan

Devotees who observe Shravan ensure strict fasting and prayers during this holy month. As per mythology, Shiva drank poison that is said to have originated from Samudra Manthan which is an ocean that churns nectar. The ocean is believed to have produced a lot of gemstones which were seized by Gods and demons alike. However, this poison was not taken by anybody and hence Shiva in order to protect the world drank this poison. His consort, Parvati witnessed this horrific sight and immediately held his throat to save him and that is how Shiva got the name Neelkanth meaning blue neck. And this is why an entire month is dedicated to Shiva.

Shravan Month is also a lot more than just prayers and Somvar Vraths which is observed by women to get good husbands. This month is also considered to be highly auspicious for weddings. The rains are indirectly related to fertility rituals and hence it is said any girl who marries at this time of the year will be gifted with healthy children. These are the many reasons why Shravan is so significant in India. Devotees observe these fasts and offer prayers wholeheartedly and religiously.

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