Travelling in India during summers is not easy; but that does not mean you won’t travel at all. Of course, you have to plan ahead, thing about the measures you’ll take so that the heat doesn’t bog you down. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind while hitting the road during peak summers.

Research well 

Knowing exactly how hot a place is, helps in deciding if it’s worth giving the place a shot at all in the first place. Also, find out if the sightseeing places are any fun to visit during peak summers; and if they’re open to the public at all. Then using time wisely for sightseeing, such as early morning and last evenings, and checking discounts will help a great deal overall. Try and stick to one location; travelling long distances in summers in buses and cars isn’t appealing at all. Make sure all your attractions are nearby.

Stay hydrated

This one can never be stressed enough. We often get excited in a new place and forget the importance of constantly hydrating our body. But, it’s one of the most dangerous things we can do to ourselves at the peak of summers. Drinking water, juice and even ORS at regular intervals will not only keep fatigue at bay but also replenish your body with the lost minerals in sweat.

Summer essentials

Last minute packing for a summer trip is a total no-no. Packing for a summer getaway requires extra care: from sunglasses, caps, sunscreen, to tissues and handkerchiefs must go in even before the clothes. And the clothes should be as comfortable and breezy as possible. Light colours in breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen are a must. Also carry mild detergents to wash your clothes with, in case they get smelly with sweat.