While travelling in a group with friends and family has its own charm; travelling alone can oftentimes be therapeutic. If you haven’t made a solo trip this monsoon, here’s a guide to help you get things going. From packing tips to where you can go, here’s how you can snatch some real moments of self-reflection by travelling:

How to pack

With monsoons in full swing in most part of the country, it’s best to pack monsoon-friendly items that will ensure you trip doesn’t get all soggy. During monsoons there’s a slight nip in the air, and the mornings and nights tend to get chilly in certain parts of the country; for that the best thing to do is layer-up instead of carrying bulky clothing that takes up most of the space in your backpack.

Also, reminder to carry reusable plastic pouches for wet clothes, because you never know where you might be caught off-guard in the rains. Keeping just some extra clothing in the backpack helps too; incase you can get your washed clothes to dry on time. Last but not the least, opt for a multi-purpose water proof footwear that dries up quickly after being soaked in the rain.

Where to go

Monsoon is wrecking havoc in some parts of the country such as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab, so it’s better to avoid them completely. However, there are still a ton of places that you can head to for the best time of your life. A solo trip to Ladakh is always a great idea; being lost in the spectacularly jagged landscapes and arid mountains is what dreams are made of. It’s best for people inclined a bit towards spirituality.

For those inclined towards nature and wildlife, Kaziranga National Park in Assam is your best bet. Known for being home to the rare one-horned rhinos, it is incredibly scenic courtesy of the sprawling savannah grasslands, deciduous forests, wetlands, and river islands formed by the constantly changing course of the Brahmaputra.

For a cultural extravaganza, what better place than Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. From stunning architecture of its grand havelis such as Nathmal ki Haveli and forts such as Jaisalmer Fort, to fun camel rides through the sand dunes of the desert, Jaisalmer offers a whole new world to get lost in.