That Kashmir is called “Heaven on Earth” is known to most Indians. Known for its breathtaking beauty that ranges from white ski slopes to green meadows and gushing rivers to deep valleys, Kashmir is one of the most scenic places on the planet. One of its gems is the wonderful hill station of Sonmarg. Located in the Ganderbal district, Sonmarg literally translates to the meadow of gold. Its picturesque backdrops and salubrious weather make Sonmarg an extremely desirable place to visit in 2018. (ALSO SEE Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 2017: Route, best time and everything else you need to know about this beautiful trek) Here are some beautiful Sonmarg photos that show why this majestic hill station is worth your time. Also Read - While India Reels Under Blazing Heatwaves, Kashmir Gets Its First Snowfall

Green meadow view of Sonmarg

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People enjoying the snow mountain valley during winter at Sonmarg in Kashmir

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Beautiful, isn’t it?

Sonmarg photo 3

Snow covered at the Himalayan mountains with pine trees near Sonmarg in Kashmir

Sonmarg photo 4

The stunning Sonmarg valley with a traveler enjoying the holiday

Sonmarg photo 5

Melting snow covers on Himalayan Mountain terrains at Sonmarg

Sonmarg photo 6

Sun shines over a water stream created by melting snow down the way of Himalayan Mountains near Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Sonmarg photo 7

Sonmarg valley with clouds and mountains

Sonmarg photo 8

Winter snow in the mountain valley of Sonmarg in Kashmir

Sonmarg photo 9

Trees and snow in Sonmarg during winter

Sonmarg photo 10

So, for your next trip, do consider the marvelous Sonmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. You are sure to come back rejuvenated!