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SpiceJet has announced a three-day sale with tickets starting at Rs 511 to celebrate its 11th anniversary. This is an exciting offer as most people consider air travel to be an expensive affair. While SpiceJet is indeed a leader in budget air travel, there are some things that the promotional campaigns don’t highlight. You need to be aware of what the catch is before you get all charged up and make grand holiday plans. So, here are five things you must know about the SPiceJet 3-year anniversary ticket sale: Also Read - How to Experiment With Colours in Your Style: Tips to Combine Unusual Colours in Your Outfit

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1. While the sale is being promoted in the name of tickets starting at Rs 511, you should be informed that this is only the base fare. The total price of the ticket will be more (at least a couple of thousand rupees more).

2. The sale is applicable only to one-way tickets which means that your return will cost you the regular amount.

SpiceJet 3

3. The sale is only applicable on direct flights which are within the SpiceJet network. This means that you will not get a cheap flight for any destination you wish to visit.

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4. The tickets are refundable, yes, but what you will get back as refund is only the statuatory taxes. You can bid goodbye to the rest of your ticket amount if you happen to cancel your booking.

5. More often than not, offers like this one invite heavy traffic causing the site to stop functioning properly. Since the time the sale was announced, the site has already shown an error message a couple of times. This means booking your tickets may not be that easy.

That said, the SpiceJet offer still sounds like a lucrative one which should help budget travelers. Happy flying!

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