Even if you stripped away the city, Srinagar in its natural state would be heaven on earth. And when you put in the Shikaras on the still water of Dal Lake, the apple orchards and the Mughal Gardens, it just adds to the beauty of this city. The Mughal Gardens of Srinagar are like nothing else you can find in the world. The idea of a quadrilateral garden with an intricately designed landscape, a Charbagh, is unique to the Mughal Empire. These gardens, which symbolized the beauty of paradise itself when they were built around tombs, can be found throughout the dominion of the Mughal Empire. They were used as urban and rural spaces of rest, relaxation and recreation, and the sprawling gardens of Srinagar are a perfect example of this. ALSO READ: 15 awesome photos of Srinagar that will inspire you to take a holiday! Also Read - Srinagar: 8-Month-old Grandchild of COVID-19 Positive Man Falls Victim to Coronavirus

Chashme Shahi, built in 1632 AD, overlooking Dal Lake in Srinagar

Chashme Shahi is one of the Mughal gardens built in 1632 AD, overlooking Dal Lake in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, attract many tourists year round Also Read - Jammu and Kashmir: Couple, Their 5-year-old Daughter, Killed as House Catches Fire in Srinagar

The main pavilion in Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar

Main pavilion in Mughal garden at Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India Also Read - 'Remaining Restriction Should be Lifted Swiftly,' Says EU After Envoys Visit to Kashmir

Nishat Bagh, a terraced Mughal garden built on Dal Lake, Srinagar

Nishat Bagh is a terraced Mughal garden built on Dal Lake, Srinagar (2)

Pari Mahal, or the abode of fairies, is a seven terraced garden

Pari Mahal or The Fairies Abode is a seven terraced garden in Srinagar (2)

Here is another view of the sprawling palace of fairies

Pari Mahal or The Fairies Abode is a seven terraced garden in Srinagar

And a view from one of its terraces, overlooking Dal Lake and the mountains around it

Unidentified people relax in the grounds of the Pari Mahal, a Mughal terraced garden palace on the banks of Dal Lake

The picturesque Tulip Garden of Srinagar, while not a Mughal creation, is definitely worth seeing

Tulip Garden at Srinagar in Kashmir

A springtime scene at the Badamwari Garden

Springtime at Badamwari Garden, Srinagar

We leave you with a final view of Nishat Bagh

Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India May15,2016 Nishat Garden in Srinagar.Destination for travel in Srinagar India

The design of these gardens are a fascinating study. The Charbagh pattern, unique to the Mughal al-Hind, can be seen everywhere, especially in the immaculately carved royal tombs. The layout of these gardens are evocative of the Pairi Daeza, Persian for walled palace and the origin of the word ‘paradise’. The fountain of life would be placed at the center, from which the four holy rivers would flow out. In case of tombs, the sarcophagus would be placed in the center, on the lap of eternity. NOW READ: Kashmir Valley Tourism: Best Places To Visit In ‘Vale of Kashmir’ Enroute Amarnath Yatra

Mughal Gardens thus came to be symbolic of the holy gardens of paradise, as told in the Quran. Gardens of paradise that, in Srinagar, lie in the very embodiment of paradise on earth. That’s a double-paradise treat waiting for you, if you weren’t convinced by the sheer beauty of these gardens.