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Rome was not built in a day. And one of the most magnificent and mammoth things ever built here was the stunning Colosseum. The charm of the Colosseum lies in its ability to take us back to a forgotten era. Though only a part of it has survived after so many centuries, the Colosseum reminds us of the grandeur of the Roman empire’s architecture and also its downfall. Thanks to our history lessons and Russel Crowe’s Oscar-winning movie The Gladiator, we know that the Colosseum was the largest amphitheater every built and its primary purpose was to seat spectators who came to watch the games in which the gladiators battled each other and sometimes even animals. (For more such stories, check out our Monuments and Architecture section) However, there is a lot more to the Colosseum than just that. Also Read - Coronavirus in Gujarat: 14-month-old Toddler Dies of COVID-19 in Jamnagar

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This marvelous video documentary reveals secrets about the Colosseum that brings us closer to the historic era when the Roman Empire was at its peak. Insights from historians and illustrated images help us understand details about the Colosseum and Roman history like never before. Have a look and be amazed!

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