The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to any kind of travel and also seen the closure of many establishments like museums. During travels, museums are usually included in the list of things to see and do, as they showcase a variety of objects not seen in every day life. Now, with the lockdown in place and nothing much to do, some museums decided to showcase their unusual objects online. Also Read - Uber Launches 'Uber Essential' in 5 Indian Cities to Facilitate Travel to Hospitals & Pharmacies

The Yorkshire Museum in England decided to conduct a curator battle with other museums around the world on Twitter. With the theme of the battle being ‘Creepiest Object’, it kicked started the contest with a picture of a 3rd/4th century hair bun from the burial of a Roman lady, and challenged others to come up with something better than it. Also Read - SpiceJet Prepares Blueprint: Here's How Air Travel Will Look if Flight Ops Resume Amid Lockdown

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The tweet, which was posted on April 17, has already got a lot of attention with many retweeting it and liking it. And it did not end there, as many other museums joined in with their own creepy objects. Among them was a mermaid skeleton from National Museums Scotland, a sheep’s heart stuck with pins and nails.

Check out the creepy entries below:

If these objects do not creep you out, we do not know what will.