Indians have started taking travel quite seriously. Once an activity of the privileged few, travel is now the domain of several Indians belonging to different financial and social classes. More often than not, you will see the word ‘traveler’ in people’s social profiles as well as professional resumes. There are a number of countries across the globe which Indians are taking interest in. Prime among these countries are the ones which offer visa on arrival to Indians. Thanks to the easy process, these countries become all the more alluring to Indian tourists. One such country is the beautiful Cape Verde. Known mainly for its beaches and the Pico do fogo which is its highest peak and an active stratovolcano, Cape Verde is as picturesque and exotic as it gets. It is home to some of the most spectacular hilltop views. Its white sand beaches at Praia de Santa Maria and Praia De Chaves are worth taking a walk on. Its lip-smacking food and busy markets give you a sneak peek into its culture. All you need to visit Cape Verde is a passport valid for another 6 months after the date of travel and a visa fee of 40 Euros. (ALSO SEE 20 beautiful countries that issue visa on arrival to Indian citizens) These amazing pictures of Cape Verde give you a sneak peek into its natural beauty and show why you must visit this country which offers visa on arrival to Indians. Also Read - 'CHAMPIONS': PM Modi Launches ICT-based Technology Platform to Empower MSMEs

A traditional fisher boat in Santa Maria in Sal Island of Cape Verde

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An aerial view of Praia city in Santiago, the capital of Cape Verde Islands

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An aerial view of Santa Maria beach in Sal Cape Verde

Cape Verde 3

Inside view of a cave in rising Sal Santa Maria in Cape Verde

Cape Verde 4

Serra Malagueta mountains in Santiago Island

Cape Verde 5

Buracona in Sal Island Cape Verde

Cape Verde 6

A regular street of Santa Maria in Sal Cape Verde

Cape Verde 9

A spectacular beach, the sea and the clouds in Boavista

Cape Verde 8

Long exposure shot of the famous shipwreck on the North Coast of Boa Vista

Cape Verde 7

The busy and beautiful Porto Grande

Cape Verde 10

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