Norway is considered to be one of the most beautiful Nordic countries. Of all the things that it is famous for, its fjords are perhaps the most alluring. And when it comes to fjords, few in the world can come close to the beauty of Geiranger. Located in the Sunnmøre region of Møre og Romsdal county, the Geiranger Fjord is known for its spectacular landscapes and charming namesake village located at the end of the fjord. (ALSO SEE These Breathtaking Pictures of Norway Show Why It Must Be on Every Bucket List) The fjord was listed as a UNESCO site in 2005 and attracts nature lovers all year round. The region is also popular for adventure activities like rappelling and zip lining. Here are some stunning photos of the Geiranger Fjord that will make you want to add it to your bucket list. Also Read - Chess: Viswanathan Anand Has Another Mixed Day, Magnus Carlsen Extends Lead

Geiranger fjord is a 15-kilometre (9.3 mi) long branch off of the Sunnylvsfjorden, which is a branch off of the Storfjorden (Great Fjord)

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Panoramic aerial wide angle landscape of Geiranger fjord from mountain viewpoint

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Marvelous landscape of Geiranger fjord

Geiranger Fjord photo 3

Another angle of the Geiranger fjord in Norway

Geiranger Fjord photo 4

The many colors of Geiranger fjord

Geiranger Fjord photo 5

Panorama of Geiranger fjord with a clear blue sky

Geiranger Fjord photo 6

Mountain landscape with cloudy sky at Geiranger fjord and the Seven Sisters Waterfall

Geiranger Fjord photo 7

Traveler checks out the Geiranger fjord landscape

Geiranger Fjord photo 8

Breathtaking shot of Geiranger fjord

Geiranger Fjord photo 9

Village and landscape at Geiranger Fjord in Norway

Geiranger Fjord photo 10

Norwegian landscape with typical Scandinavian red house during winter

Geiranger Fjord photo 11

Red cottage against cruise ship in fjord, Norway

Geiranger Fjord photo 12

Geiranger fjord view in Norway

Geiranger Fjord photo 13

Geiranger fjord in Norway is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Geiranger Fjord photo 14

Kayaking in Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger Fjord photo 15

Geiranger Fjord seen from Fossevanding Waterfall

Geiranger Fjord photo 16

Cruise ship in Geiranger fjord, Norway

Geiranger Fjord photo 17

Beautiful landscape of Geiranger fjord (UNESCO heritage) in Norway, Scandinavia

Geiranger Fjord photo 18

Geiranger Summer Time Panorama

Geiranger Fjord photo 19

Dreamy, isn’t it?

Geiranger Fjord photo 20

So, are you tempted to visit this magnificent fjord in Norway?