Every February for the past decade, the Sula Vineyards in Nashik has hosted its own fun-filled festival. The latest edition of the SulaFest on 3-4 February is going to be number 11, and it is expected to be bigger than ever. More than 100 musicians will be performing at the festival, coming from different genres and parts of the world and India. Beyond music, there will be plenty to see and do at the wine festival. SulaFest 2018 will feature more than 30 food and beverage options, including a number of beers and other spirits including, of course, wines. Plus, you can go grape-stomping or get a tattoo or go on a wine tour. Here is a quick look at everything you need to know about SulaFest 2018. ALSO READ: 6 vineyards in India every wine lover must visit Also Read - Sniffer Dog 'Spike' Part Of Nashik Bomb Squad Given Heartwarming Farewell. Watch Video

Music performances

SulaFest has been bringing in some big names from the music scene in the past editions, and the 11th one is no different. More than 100 artists from 23 countries and 25 genres will be here. There will be repeat performers like Young The Giant, Lucky Ali, The Raghu Dixit Project and Will and the People. The big names this year are Parov Stelar, Amit Trivedi and Stefano Richetta. Also Read - 'Our Situation Was Same Before 2014', PM Modi Draws Parallel Between Colombo Blasts And India Under UPA

Fish spas, tattoos and tarot cards

Beyond the music, SulaFest will also feature foot massages and a fish spa for you to relax and temporary tattoo parlors. There will also be portrait artists and tarot card readers for some entertainment. And, of course, 30 gourmet options to choose from for your food needs. There will also be a flea market where you can pick up quirky items like party props, clothes, wooden toys, junk jewelry and paintings. Also Read - Tata Steel Masters: Anand finishes joint third after drawing with Gujrathi

Everything on wines

SulaFest is ultimately a wine festival, so there will obviously be a lot of vino on tap. Apart from the wines themselves, there will openers, wine racks, vacuumizers and other related accessories. Back to the wines themselves, you will get tastings and samples from wine partners and grape stomping sessions. Wines from Sula like the Chenin Blanc, Blanc de Noir and Zinfandel will be there to pick. NOW READ: 4 best wine tours you must take at least once

Drinks beyond wines as well

If you aren’t a fan of wines and have still come to the festival, you will still get to taste other drinks from the Sula Selections, the import arm of the vineyard. There will be drinks from brands like Budweiser, Asahi Super Dry Beer, Jack Daniel’s and more. The SulaFest will feature lots of quirky games as well near the arenas, like the ever-popular selfie game.