There are 196 countries on this planet and every single one of them is worth traveling to, for one reason or another! Whether you’re a tropical baby and love the beaches, or you’re an adventure junkie who loves traveling on the edge, there are some beautiful options available for all types of travelers across the globe. And now that the summers are just about to kick in, we’re hoping you’ve marked at least a week or two on your calendar to take off and enjoy a much needed break. We hope you have managed to take out enough time to take that one trip in the year that you most definitely deserve! So here we are, making the decision of traveling to any one of the seven continents easier for you. Here are your best options in one list, a mix of destinations to pick from. While some of the places we’ve  listed down are meant for beach bums, some are meant for luxury travelers and the rest for those who absolutely love the snow. These picture-perfect destinations are waiting for you to explore them this summer! Also Read - Will Delhi Open Borders From June 8? Kejriwal Likely to Decide Today

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1. Schwangau, Germany

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2. Machu Picchu, Peru

 10-travel- peru

3. Athens, Greece


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4. Cape Town, South Africa

10-travel-cape town

5. Chicago, USA


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6. Istria, Croatia


7. Reykjavik, Iceland


8. Nara, Japan


9. Mexico City, Mexico


10. Milan, Italy


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11. Cook Mountain, New Zealand


12. Wroclaw, Poland


13. Seville, Spain


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