India is known to be oner of the many tropical destinations around the world and several people think traveling through the length and breadth of this South Asian country is not a good option! However, we sure know of the mountains and valleys that coexist with the beaches and deserts. And no matter how much you love the summers and enjoy the tropical climate, by the time April comes to an end, you will realise how much you need a vacation! (DON’T MISS More stories on Trip Planning) So here we are, (being our usual selves) giving you some of the best options to plan your summer vacations well in advance. Here is our list of the Top 11 destinations in India you have to consider while picking your summer vacation spot!Also Read - Highlights Hockey Score And Updates Tokyo Olympics: Clinical India Beat Argentina 3-1; Retain 2nd Spot in Pool A

1. Ladakh


Photograph courtesy: Askhok Boghani/Creative Commons

The best time to visit the snowy regions of Ladakh is between May and September. Though you’d expect a lots of people flocking to the hilly destination during the peak season, Ladakh leaves you with no choice but to visit the region only during these months since, most roads are snowbound and blocked for the rest of the month. Ladakh is a destination for bikers, adventure enthusiasts and for people who love learning about and interacting with new cultures around the country. And what better way is there to beat the heat that to be surrounded by snow? Also Read - PV Sindhu Enters Women's Singles Quarterfinal at Tokyo Olympics 2020

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2. Shimla


Photograph courtesy: Cedric V/Creative Commons

Shimla has been the all-time favorite for all types of Indian travelers. Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or some place to enjoy with your kids, friends, the whole extended family or even to explore by yourself! Not only is one of the best and most loved hill stations in the country, it is also a safe and tourist friendly destination. You may think there isn’t any escaping the tour guides and local vendors but Shimla has enough space to ensure a perfect getaway!

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3. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the many places in India that will make you feel like time has come to a standstill and nothng beyond where you are really matters! From the beathtaking tea gardens and the vast valleys in the northernmost tip of West Bengal to the Darjeeling also offers ome of the best views of the Kanchenjunga. Darjeeling is also known for its homestays that are worth every penny and minute you spend.

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4. Sikkim


Photograph courtesy: Gyaltsen Wangdi

Sikkim is one of the north eastern states of India, however, it isn’t a aprt of the seven sisters of the north east. It is one of the very underrated summer vacation destinations and has a lot more to offer that you’d hope. There are various villages and hamlets across the state that will instantly make your jaw drop!

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 5. Munnar


Photograph courtesy: Jakub Michankow/Creative Commons

Munnar is one of the country’s most beautiful hill stations. Though it si pretty popular, the natural beauty of this tea-plantation town is preserved well enough for you to spend a few days here to cool it off! Can’t imagine enjoying some hot-piping and freshly brewed tea in south India, especially during the summers? Well, visit Munnar to beleive it!

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6. Mahabaleshwar

If Mumbaikars are cringing over the fact that Mahabaleshwar has made it to this list, then we’re extremely sorry if you’re not up for some chilled strawberry milkshake, opr strawberry cream straight out of the mapro strawberry farms. The beautiful hill station is set across green hills and valleys, making it a perfect getaway from the extreme summers.

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7. Kodaikanal

If you ever questioned the geographical diversity of India, then here’s a destination that puts them all to rest. Kodaikanal, yet another hill station in south India is one of the most serene destinations in Tamil Nadu. With thick dense evergreen forests surrounding a man-made lake, the weather is almost perfect. Kodaikanal is located close to 2,000 ft above sea level is one of the places that must make it to your list if you like to enjoy your peace and quiet.

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8. Manali

Manali is to people who love the hills, what Goa is to the beach bums- a destination you can never get enough of! Yes, it is a popular hill station, it’s commercialized and during the summers, it gets crowded. But when has that stopped you from exploring newer villages in the Kullu Valley? Manali is home to some well kept secrets that are worth beng experienced! Homestays, treks, campsites and stunning pine trees make up for all we want to be surrounded by, this summer.

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9. Tawang


Photograph courtesy: Sandro Lacarbona/Creative Commons

Located in the north west region of the north eastern state, Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is a a gorgeous snow-bound hill station which is predominantly a Buddhist town. With colorful monasteries and green vistas surrounded by snowclad mountains, Tawang is suitab.indeed an amazing option for people looking for a vacation longer than just a weekend getaway.

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10. Coorg


Photograph courtesy: Tarun Narang/Creative Commons

Though most people know Coorg or Madikeri to be a coffee plantation destination that boasts of some of the country’s best produce. However, it is a brilliant hill station in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and is also home to one of the smallest Buddhist communities in India. It is also home to some of the lesser known monasteries that are examples of Buddhist architecture.

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11. Mount Abu


Photograph courtesy: G Shashikiran/Creative Commons

Mount Abu, famous as the only hill station in India’s western state, Rajasthan is indeed the closest you can get to pleasant breezes on a summer evening in the desert state. From luxury spas and resorts to wild life safari, Mount Abu in the Aravali range making it an attractive option for quick getaways from Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi!

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