Summer vacations are nearing and we’re pretty excited about all the trips that can be planned for escaping the heat this season. A lot of you will be done with term-end examinations and the tiresome process of performance evaluations and appraisals at work too. So this is probably the best time of the season to plan a vacation and get away from the pollution and the humid hot winds of the metros you’re living in. (DON’T MISS More stories in our Photos section) So, here we are, not only pumping you up to go ahead and actually spend a weekend away from home and go on the much awaited holiday we know you truly deserve! And along with all this motivation, we’re narrowing down your options to Maharashtra’s best! And though  we don’t promise Kashmir like weather in the Konkan and Malvan, but we assure you, every destination on this list is better than the sweaty afternoons of Mumbai and the skin-burning heat of Pune. If you don’t want to go out of Mumbai, you can go these amusement parks in Mumbai to unwind this summer vacation. Also Read - Maharashtra Reports 72 Coronavirus Deaths in 24 Hours, Total Positive Cases Climb to 1,135

1. Lavassa Hill City


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

2. Panchgani

3. Mahabaleshwar


Photograph courtesy: Pranav Prakash/Creative Commons

4. Matheran


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

5. Amboli


Photograph courtesy: Gyaltsen Wangdi/Creative Commons

6. Jawhar


Photograph courtesy: Sand D/Creative Commons

7. Malsej Ghat

8. Toranmal


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

9. Bhandardhara


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

10. Igatpuri


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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