Today, when the moon rises over the horizon it will appear to be much larger and brighter than ever. This phenomenon is called ‘supermoon’ and it occurs when the moon is closest to the earth on a full-moon day. Now, while this happens every few months, there are some days when the moon is particularly close to the earth and will appear particularly bright and big. According to astronomers, this kind of supermoon has never been seen since 1948! Today, the supermoon will appear 30 per cent brighter and 14 per cent larger than it has over the last (almost) seven decades. And if the astronomers are to be believed, the next supermoon (of this magnitude anyway) will not be seen before November 25, 2034. (ALSO SEE Stunning photos of what Indonesia witnessed during Solar Eclipse 2016) Also Read - Use TrueNat machines, Increase Testing Capacity: UP CM Adityanath Orders Containment Plan For Gautam Buddh Nagar, Ghaziabad

This is the second supermoon of the year. But don’t kick yourself for missing the first one on October 16 because the November supermoon is, far bigger and far brighter than you would have ever seen. The moon will reach its perigee at 6.22 am EST and will be visible in Europe and America at 8.52 am EST. In India, the best time to view the supermoon is 7.22 pm. At a distance of about 350,000 km the moon will be closest to the earth at 1.39 am IST. Also Read - 'Rockstar' Delhi Police Constable Rajat Rathore Leaves Kartik Aaryan Smitten by Crooning 'Tera Yaar Hoon Main' Song From Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

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The supermoon can be best enjoyed if it can be seen in the right context. If you cannot see the moon juxtaposed against an earthly object, like a tree or a building or a skyline, chances are you won’t get the full extent of the supermoon. And so the usual stargazing sites may not necessarily make the cut. According to experts here are some of the most ideal places to watch the supermoon

A beach facing the east

Beaches are often associated with sunsets but rarely ever with moonrises. The moon rises in the easterly direction (though not exactly in the east). So if you are keen on watching the moon rise without any obstruction, head to any beaches facing the east.

Any place that offers panoramic views of the cityscape

The city lights may dampen the viewing experience (and if you are in North India, the smog is bound to kill it) but the city’s landscape and the tall buildings will truly help you understand the size of the supermoon. So think of a hillock or a mount on the outskirts of the city or the terrace of a skyscraper and you are gold.

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An iconic structure

Yet again, an iconic structure always helps you put into perspective the size of the supermoon. Think of the most important landmark of your city and head there. Ideally you should be facing the east.

With the mountains as the backdrop

Yet again, a mountain does as good a job of putting to scale the size of the moon as a cityscape. If you find yourself in the hills, you know where to point your camera.

Any stargazing sites

While the stargazing sites will not offer you the perspective the some of the other places listed above, these open-to-sky spots will definitely give you an unrestricted view of the supermoon like no other. If your idea of watching the supermoon of November 14 involves lying on your back and staring at the sky, head out of town to the nearest stargazing site.

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