Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat initiative has brought about a visible change. With several people across the country, including celebrities joining hands to ensure a cleaner India, the campaign is a step in the right direction. While several places in the country are still relatively unclean, efforts are on to make sure that the cleanliness and hygiene levels at these places are improved. Earlier this year, it was reported that Indian tourism saw a boost thanks to the Swachh Bharat campaign. We jumped 12 places in the world’s Travel and Tourism Competitive Index to move from the 52nd spot to the 40th spot. While this is great news, we need to do our best to improve the situation further by being responsible tourists. (DO SEE Here are the 10 cleanest cities of India for 2017!) India is home to several tourist spots which are visited by thousands of people every day. If we can only remember to do certain simple things, we can ensure that our tourist places are clean and invite more tourists every year. Here are 5 basic things we can do to ensure cleanliness at our popular tourist spots. Also Read - Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Greets Citizens on Eve of 73rd Independence Day

Do not litter

This is the most basic thing to remember no matter where you go. Be it the forest or a historical monument, tourists must not litter. Travelers are used to carrying snacks with them on their trips. It is imperative that bags or containers of these snacks are not left behind or thrown away irresponsibly. Also Read - 'Practise Wielding Broom in Private Before Next Photo-op,' Omar Takes Swipe at Hema Malini

Do not throw away cigarette butts randomly

Cigrette butts Also Read - Mann Ki Baat: 'World's Top Agencies Believe India Taking Itself Out of Poverty at Record Momentum,' Says PM Modi

Cigarette butts are the most unsightly litter problem at most places. People who smoke need to ensure that they use dust bins and ash trays to dump their cigarette butts and not just throw them away like you see characters in movies doing.

Wear booties to cover your shoes

Taj Mahal booties

Places like the Taj Mahal demand that you wear booties to cover your shoes so that their dirt does not affect the monument or its premises. Wearing booties over shoes at tourist places is a good way to ensure that you don’t drag along dirt or leave ugly footprints on walls of marvelous monuments.

Do not spit and civilize those who do

No spitting

This seems to be something that need not be mentioned but unfortunately, Indian buildings are full of corners that are sprayed with spit of people chewing the “pan” or “gutka”. You may not be someone who would do so but if you spot a fellow tourist spitting, it is your duty to stop them or at least report them to the authorities.

Report any kind of garbage using pictures and tweets

And finally, you can be a responsible citizen and tourist by reporting any kind of garbage you see around you. With the advent of social media, reporting such things has become extremely easy. You can just click a picture and tweet it to the PMO or any concerned authorities. The government has been taking cleanliness very seriously and is bound to take action soon.

So, keep these basic things in mind while travelling so that we can all do out bit in keeping our beloved tourist spots clean.