About 256km from Bhubaneswar, the town of Taptapani in Odisha is home to one of the very few hot water sulphur springs in India. Known for its medicinal properties, a dip in this sulphur hot water spring is said to cure one of all kinds of skin ailments. What’s more, it’s said to be around for over 300 years. Here’s what else you must explore in this quaint old town in Odisha.

Although Taptapani is primarily famous for its hot water springs, there are tons of attractions in and around it as well. Since Taptapani is surrounded by hills and forests on all sides, it’s a place conducive for trekking and exploring wildlife. There’s a Deer Park in close proximity, and it’s incredible how many birds you’ll end up spotting on a trip here along with animals such as deer, blackbuck and sambar.

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My 64th #pictory 🖼. This picture was shot 📸 at Taptapani, Ganjam district of odisha. Distance from Dighapahandi to Taptapani is nearly 60 kms, basically from where I traveled. Nearest town is 15 kms which is mohana. I traveled in the month of December 2016. Best time for a hot water spring bath. The name Taptapani derives from loacl language odiya, “tapta” means hot and “pani” is obviously water. The hot water from the natural spring of Taptapani are attributed with medicinal properties with natural Sulphur and can be bathed in the pond created next to the hot spring. There is Kandimata temple where the locals take a bath in the spring before offering their daily prayers. The hot spring is situated at the eastern slope of the eastern ghat at a crest of the hill with in the lushed green forest having wide range of flora and fauna. There is also the lakhari wildlife sanctuary nearby within a km or so. Travelers can choose their own transportation mode. Overall it’s a picturesque landscape everywhere you roll your eyes around. The Panthanivas is the only shelter for tourists at Taptapani, The cottages overlook a pristine valley replete with various shades of green. Anyone can leisurely spend hours sitting here. Every Age group are welcome to this amazing place and families get together is best known here. Thank you for reading my post 🙏 😇. P.S. – Please keep the place clean and safe journey. #travel #traveller #traveler #travelblogger #travelstoke #tlpicks #travelingpost #storiesofindia #photographers_of_india #like #follow #followme #nature #travelawesome #beautifuldestinations #iamatraveler #travelguide #beautifulplaces #odisha #odishatourism #sobangalore #earthclub #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #color #nature

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Taptapani is also home to many tribal villages; you can especially watch the tribes of Dingaria Kondh, Bonda, Kutia Kondh and Mali go about their business here. For an immersive experience, stay for a night or two at Taptapani; you’ll come back with intriguing stories of the tribe’s rich traditions and exotic rituals.

Taptapani is also quite famous for its temples such as Sri Nilakantheswar Temple and the Kandimata Mandir. Another temple located about 20km from Taptapani is the Mahuri Kalua Temple, which affords stunning views of the surrounding hillside, thanks to its location on a hilltop.

About 35km from Taptapani, Chandragiri is a place famous for its Buddhist Monastery and is home to a number of Tibetan refugees who came to India after China invaded Tibet. The locals here are skilled hunters and a good percentage of the population still earn their livelihood from it.

While the nearest airport from Taptapani is in Bhubaneswar, the nearest rail head is in Behrampur.