Remember the extremely charming and popular Airtel 4G girl, Sasha Chhetri? Just as the country was getting used to her sprouting out of nowhere and challenging us to test our mobile Internet connections, she has decided to take a break. This time, she is taking a vacation with her friends to some of the remote places of India where she can stop talking about 4G and reflect upon life, spend some quality time with friends and enjoy the pleasures of a disconnected, Internet-free life. But is she successful?

The new ad campaign by Airtel is tad different from what it has been following in the past few months. What’s our interest in this ad campaign, you ask? This campaign has Sasha visiting some far-off but spectacular destinations of India which are not only lesser explored but also stereotyped as places that are oblivious to Internet and technology.

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The first ad takes us to the beautiful and serene Umiam lake near Shillong in Meghalaya. It magnificently captures the Umiam lake landscape and horizon and the look and feel transports you to the place itself.

In the next one, you can see Sasha and her friends at Mashobra near Shimla which is known for its snow-clad peaks and cold weather. As she interacts with her friends and the locals, you can catch a glimse of the lovely white slopes and breathtaking views.

Be it the costumes or the music, these two ads do a great job of capturing the essence of these amazing but lesser explored destinations of India. Here’s looking forward to more such places in our ad films!

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Been to Shimla and Shillong? Share your photographs and stories with us! We’ll be thrilled to hear from you!