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I love mountains and anybody who loves mountains will instantly fall in love with the Spiti valley. Situated in between India and Tibet, nested in the Himalayan ranges, silently lies the magical valley of Spiti. Himachal Pradesh is known for its various beautiful destinations, locations and hill stations but not many are aware of the valley of Spiti and I guess that’s what adds to the beauty of this untouched piece of heaven. Also Read - Five Reasons to Visit Spiti Valley in Winters

When I first visited Spiti there were no words to describe its beauty. The huge snow capped mountains, the freshness in the air, the modesty of the local people and the ancient culture that this place is blessed with, all take you to a magical world by themselves. The key to retaining the beauty of certain places lies in not exposing it to many people. The fact that there is no airport here works wonders for the place. The tough motorable conditions of this place keeps it away from over exposure to people and hence helps in preserving its beauty. Don’t be surprised if you don’t feel like returning back home once you’ve visited this majestic valley of Spiti. Also Read - Himachal Pradesh's Tribal Farmers Begin Cultivating Dhingri or Oyster Mushrooms to Make Pickles And Medicines


Spiti is not the most ideal vacation destination because of its rough weather, kacha roads, lack of infrastructure, limited food options and various other reasons, but it definitely is a beautiful place and nothing takes that away. If you’re looking for some alone time or a way to rediscover the inner peace within you, there’s no better way than to lose yourself to the sound of ancient Buddhist chants and prayers amidst chilly winds. There are various monasteries located here that speak for the beauty of Buddhist culture, if you’ve ever visited Spiti in the past, I’m sure you can easily connect to what I’m saying. Spiti is also an ideal destination for solo backpackers, rock climbers, mountaineers and trekkers as well.  Not to forget, the white water rafting experience in the Spiti valley is simply mind blowing by itself.

We seek a world outside our world, we look for beauty beyond bare eyes. Visit the Spiti valley, your search may just finally come to an end. You never really know what spell this enchanting place may cast over you.


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