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Starbucks is perhaps known equally for messing up their customers’ names as it is for its coffee. Ok perhaps it’s known better for messing up customers’ names… But we digress. Almost all of us have a story about how a Starbucks employee got our name so horribly wrong it was beyond funny. While this may be true for every single Starbucks outlet in the world, there is one particular outlet where they simply won’t get your name wrong. Because they are not allowed to ask you your name in the first place! Also Read - Malls Lose Rs 90,000 Crore in 2 Months, SCAI Seeks Adequate Relief

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Yup! There is indeed a Starbucks outlet in this world where the baristas are expressly prohibited from asking the customers their names so they can be written on their coffee cups. According to the good folks at The Independent, the outlet in question is located in Langley, Virginia. Also Read - Karan Johar Birthday Celebrations: Little Munchkins Yash And Roohi Cut The Cake as Mom Hirroo Johar Sings 'Happy Birthday'

Rings a bell? Langley is the headquarters of CIA or Central Intelligence Agency, the intelligence service of the US government. Obviously, several of the people frequenting it are, well, secret agents and giving out their names to baristas doesn’t exactly help keeping their cover. And so employees in this particular Starbucks outlet have been instructed to not ask customers their names. This makes it the only one in the world out of over 20,000 to do so.

Staff members at this Starbucks go through a rigorous screening process since they come in contact with so many agents every single day. But even though the staff cannot ask people their names, they usually recognize them by the coffee they order. So someone is iced-white-mocha-woman or the other caramel-macchiato guy.

And given the nature of the job of their clients, this Starbucks is one of the busiest in the world!

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