Jaipur is a place that is a delight to the senses – the sights, sounds and smells of the city can make your stay extraordinary in so many ways. It is a city where the light hues of orange, red and yellow are found literally everywhere; on monuments, on doorways, on textiles and even on jewellery. All in all, Jaipur is a shopper’s paradise. You will find all kinds of products from all over Rajasthan in this city. There’s some amount of bargaining that you’ll have to do, especially around major tourist shops – but that just adds to the charm of the whole experience. Also Read - Now, Gaze at Mars, Venus and Stars as Night-Sky Tourism Kicks Off in Jaipur

The city is loosely divided into traditional quarters based on what you want to buy. While Bapu Bazaar is lined with saris and fabrics, and is a good place to buy crafts, Johari Bazaar and Sireh Deori Bazaar are where many jewellery shops are concentrated. These shops sell everything from gold, silver and highly ornate meenakari, a Jaipur speciality. Also Read - Tragedy on Delhi-Jaipur Highway: Bus Overturns Near Neemrana, Injured Rushed to Hospital

For textiles like the gorgeous bandhani (tie-dye) head to Kishanpol Bazaar, and for the very famous jootis and perfume head to Nehru Bazaar. Apart from artisan shops there are plenty of factories and showrooms strung along the length of the road in a few areas in the city as well. The huge emporiums are found selling block prints, blue pottery, carpets and antiques.

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It’s quite a menace though when rickshaw-wallahs, hotels and travel agents try to egg you on for buying from a particular place because they usually get a commission. Be ware and don’t end up buying things at inflated prices, especially gems. Jaipur is famous for precious and semiprecious stones. It is equally famous for scams associated with the industry; travellers are fooled into thinking they can buy gems to sell at a profit elsewhere. The main gem-dealing area is around the area of Pahar Ganj, in the southeast of the Old City is where you can see stones being cut and polished in workshops tucked off narrow backstreets. This could be an experience of a lifetime for you.