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The Taj Mahal, India’s most popular monument is not really in good shape. In fact, according to recent reports by the Archaeological Survey of India, the monument of love is turning green in color and even getting disfigured. And the reason behind this damage is insect poo. These mosquito-like flies breed in the polluted water of the Yamuna River and attack the Taj Mahal by leaving green and black patches of their excreta on its walls. Also Read - UP Jail Inmates Manufacture Around 11.49 Lakh Face Masks, Provide 8 Lakh of Them to Government And Non-Governmental Organisations

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In order to keep the monument clean, the workers scrub the marble walls which in turn is causing it to lose its sheen. Even the intricate motifs on the marble are getting disfigured. Authorities are yet to find a permanent solution to this menace caused by these insects. Earlier, the fishes in the river kept the insects in-check. But its water is so stagnated that fishes don’t survive in it anymore. Also Read - Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh: As Numbers Spiral in Agra, Government Removes Top Medical Officer

These insects feed on algal growth and the ash deposited from the cremation ground nearby. Air pollution is further turning the monument’s color to yellow and brown. Officials and archaeologists are struggling to find a way to keep the monument intact that draws millions of tourists every year to Agra.

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We hope that they find a solution soon and end this problem at the earliest. After all, the Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monuments in the world and we wouldn’t want to lose it to insects.

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