Let’s admit it, we’ve  all been in that place where we’ve left no stone unturned to get a cheaper air ticket before flying out. Not any more. All our woes have been put to rest by the national carrier Air India. They’ve recently launched some flight timings to help travellers on a shoe-string budget. Now you can fly without any further ado, the airfare won’t be a problem for sure.

The domestic airline is introducing new late night flights in India. The flights during the day will have the regular rates; but those at night will come for fares between ₹ 1000-₹ 3000 only. Initially, the night flights will operate in popular sectors, including Bengaluru-Ahmedabad, Delhi-Coimbatore, and everyone’s favourite, Delhi-Goa. And slowly, given the response, it will expand to other sectors as well.

For now, the Delhi-Goa flight will depart at 22:00 and arrive at 00:35, while the return flight for the same will depart at 01:15 from Goa and arrive at 3:40.

In airport terminology, these are called the red-eye flights, referring to the lack of sleep passengers travelling on them face, thanks to the timings. The advantage of taking such flights, besides the attractive prices, however, is that you also beat city traffic, saving loads of time in the process.

The date isn’t too far; the late night flights take off starting November 30, 2018. Hopping on one, are you?