Every year, ace photographer Atul Kasbekar is assigned the task of shooting a Kingfisher Calendar with some of the most gorgeous models in one  of the most scenic locales of the world. And as expected, the results are jaw-droppingly stunning, every single time. This time too, Atul chose the finest models like Nora Fatehi and Kanishtha Dhankar who could well go on to become the next top sensation just like Deepika or Katrina. And to match the beauty of these models, he picked the stunning Greece for the 2017 Kingfisher Calendar. The mesmerizing Mykonos island which is known for its beaches, white structures and blue waters is featured in the calendar with these models posing against the stunning backdrop. This calendar is the fifteenth edition and boy, it is hot as hell! We cannot decide what is better: the captivating beauty of Greece or the bikini models posing against it. We leave it to you to see and decide for yourself. Here’s a sneak peek. ALSO SEE Kingfisher model Sushrii Shreya travels like a boss! Also Read - Terrifying Videos of Locust Attack Take Over Twitter; 'What's Wrong With You 2020', Ask Netizens

1. White structures like these are a common sight in Greece


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2. The blue skies, the white building and a model in-between make this picture-perfect!


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3. Blue door frames is another quintessential Greece architecture. All we can say about this photo is WOW!


4. Need we say anything more?!


5. White and blue: two colors that define Greece and its beauty


6. The photographer’s muse blends in perfectly with the outdoor decor



7. Nora’s bright pink bikini stands out in this pose against a white wall in Mykonos 



8. We can’t decide what looks better: the model or the backdrop!



9. A typical sight in Greece sans the model, of course!



10. We leave you with this beauty, you’re welcome


Photographs courtesy: Atul Kasbekar/Kingfisher


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